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"Will the Good Times Roll?"

The stock market was rocking in
2013. Now the bond market is
exceeding expectations. Analysts
say the good times could continue
to roll through the remainder of 2014.

     - Special Advertising Section,
        The Wall Street Journal

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Randy Myers is an independent business and financial writer whose services include writing and editing white papers, case studies, byline articles, brochures, advertising copy, advertorials, web content and speeches. Clients include global financial services firms, mutual fund companies, accounting firms, trade groups, Big Four consulting firms and custom publishers.

Randy specializes in translating complex business ideas into compelling messages that resonate with business and consumer audiences. His experience and expertise cut across a broad swath of the financial services landscape, including:

- Commercial and investment banking
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- Investment management
- Corporate finance
- Personal finance
- Risk management
- Retirement planning
- Insurance and annuities
- Stable value investments
- Corporate governance

Randy also is an award-winning journalist whose work has been published in The Wall Street Journal, The New York Times and numerous business and financial magazines, including Barron's, CFO, Chief Financial Officer, Corporate Board Member, Treasury and Risk Management, Global Finance, Institutional Investor and Plan Sponsor.