2010 - Excellence in Financial Journalism Award
New York State Society of CPAs


2004 - Articles of Merit Award
International Federation of Accountants’ Professional Accountants in Business Committee

2002 - Articles of Merit Award
International Federation of Accountants’ Financial and Management Accounting Committee

1997 - Articles Award
Certified Financial Planners Board of Standards

1997 - Excellence in Financial Journalism Award
New York State Society of CPAs

1996 - National Editorial Excellence Award
American Society of Business Press Editors

1995 - SNAP Excel Award (Gold)

Society of National Association Publishers

Client Testimonials

“Randy is my first choice when I need to reach for an experienced financial writer. His very deep domain knowledge is a business editor's gift. He is terrific at gaining the respect of senior corporate executives whom he is interviewing--they quickly figure out that they're conversing with a "heavy weight." Having said that, I want to add that Randy's interviewing style is congenial--people tell him things because he asks interesting questions. Finally, the guy can organize and write a manuscript better than most. Editing Randy is a joy."

          - Mary Driscoll
            Senior Research Fellow
            APQC (American Productivity and Quality Center)


“Your work is consistently the best I ever get.”

          - Sam Knox
            Managing Director, Institutional Investor Research, Institutional Investor
            Former Vice President and Director of Research, CFO Publishing


“I've worked with Randy a number of times, first as a research director and later as an editor at CFO magazine. His work was always excellent. We had a long roster of freelancers at the magazine, but he was one we'd return to regularly since he can, with very little handholding, produce well-reported and elegantly written articles that require little editing. As a bonus, he's also an extremely nice guy and a pleasure to work with. I should add that he does a nice job not just with magazine-style articles, but also with research reports, particularly on financial topics.”

          - Don Durfee
            North Asia General Manager
            Reuters News


“Randy is my first call for any writing project of a strategic, competitive or financial nature. He understands the complex issues at work, writes with clarity and economy, and produces highly polished first drafts. In addition, he represents himself well – and by extension me – when interacting with senior executives.”

          - Jonathan Mairs
            Head of Investor Relations, Financial Communications
            KCG Holdings Inc.


“I feel remiss in not checking more than three boxes to describe Randy, because good value, on time, high integrity and creativity describe him equally with great results, personable and expert. I first enlisted him to write feature stories for CFO magazine. Later, at Time Inc., I sought his help on a variety of publications including NYSE for the New York Stock Exchange. Randy delivered professional work every time both in the first drafts and on rare occasions when circumstances beyond his control called for reworking text. I'd work with him again any time.”

          - Steven Mintz
            Financial writer and author
            Former Deputy Managing Editor, Time Inc. Content Solutions


“Randy is one of the best writers I've worked with over my career. I first worked with him while I was CMO of Citibank Global Markets where he penned a highly influential speech for Vice Chairman Alan MacDonald. More recently, he produced an industry-leading white paper on how CFOs manage weather risk for me at VC-backed Storm Exchange. Good business and financial writers are hard to find. I recommend Randy without reservation.”

          - Jarvis Cromwell
            Managing Principal, Reputation Garage
            Chair, Bloomberg Alternatives Marketing Council


“I wish all the people I worked with would turn in copy like this the first time around.”

          - Roger Thompson
            Editorial Director, The Bridgespan Group
            Former Deputy Editor, Nation's Business magazine